Number Theory Seminar HS 2019

Unless otherwise stated, all talks start at 14.15 and take place in Seminarraum 05.001, Spiegelgasse 5,

Information for speakers

10.10.2019Anders Södergren (Chalmers University of Technology)Non-vanishing of cubic Dedekind zeta functionsIn this talk I will discuss the first steps towards understanding the amount of non-vanishing at the central point of cubic Dedekind zeta functions. In particular I will describe some of the challenges we face in trying to generalize well-known results for quadratic Dirichlet L-functions to the cubic case. This is work in progress with Arul Shankar and Nicolas Templier.
31.10.2019Walter Gubler (Universität Regensburg)
07.11.2019Rodolphe Richard (University College London)Towards an "arithmetic" André-Oort conjectureWe present a not trivially false generalisation of the André-Oort conjecture. Indeed we prove it in two non trivial cases (one, under GRH, j.w. Edixhoven). We relate it to, and motivate it by, recents trends in equidistribution.