Number Theory Seminar HS 2016

Unless otherwise stated, all talks start at 14.15 and take place in lecture hall 05.001, Spiegelgasse 5

Information for speakers

06.10.2016Martin Widmer (Royal Holloway)Weakly admissible lattices, o-minimality, and Diophantine approximationWe present new estimates for the number of lattice points in sets such as aligned boxes which, in certain cases, improve on Skriganov's celebrated counting results. We establish a criterion under which our error term is sharp, and we provide examples in dimensions $2$ and $3$ using continued fractions. Moreover, we use o-minimality to describe large classes of sets to which our counting results apply. If time permits we also present a similar counting result for primitive lattice points, and apply the latter to the classical problem of Diophantine approximation with primitive points as studied by Chalk, Erd\H{o}s and others.
27.10.2016Lucia Mocz (Princeton / IHES)
10.11.2016Francesco Veneziano (Basel)
24.11.2016Davide Lombardo (Hannover)
22.12.2016Lars Kühne (MPIM Bonn)