Dates: Sept. 2-13, 2019
Place: "Old University", Rheinsprung 9, Basel, Switzerland
Organizers: Philipp Habegger, Pierre Le Boudec, David Masser
Financed by the University of Basel and by the Swiss National Science Foundation

Local support by: Gabriel Dill, Richard Griffon, Joachim Petit, Gerold Schefer, Stefan Schmid, and Harry Schmidt.


The purpose of this two weeks meeting is to bring together people working on rational and integral points in a broad sense. Topics include but are not restricted to connections to analysis, analytic number theory, arithmetic dynamics and diophantine approximation. The first week will be a summer school consisting of five mini-courses aimed at PhD students and postdocs. Advanced Master students are also welcome. The second week will be a traditional conference.

Please visit the registration page if you are interested in participating.

Summer School (Sept. 2-6, 2019)

Yuri Bilu: "Effective André-Oort"

Gal Binyamini: "Tame geometry meets diophantine geometry"

Holly Krieger: "Equidistribution in arithmetic and dynamics"

Damaris Schindler: "Interactions of analytic number theory and geometry"

Umberto Zannier: "The Schmidt Subspace Theorem and some applications"

Follow this link to a PDF containing schedule, titles, and abstracts of the first week.

Conference (Sept. 9-13, 2019)

Yuri Bilu
Fabrizio Barroero
Gal Binyamini
Tim Browning
Laura Capuano
Kevin Destagnol
Ziyang Gao
Wei Ho
Gareth Jones
Holly Krieger
Hector Pasten
Fabien Pazuki
Emmanuel Peyre
Marta Pieropan
Jonathan Pila
Gaël Rémond
Per Salberger
Emmanuel Ullmo
Evelina Viada
Martin Widmer
Umberto Zannier

Follow this link to a PDF containing schedule, titles, and abstracts of the second week.