Registration for the event is free but mandatory. Speakers are automatically registered. Registration is now closed.

Information for speakers

The organizers will book a hotel room for each speaker and this room will be paid for directly. We kindly ask speakers to arrange their trips themselves and to keep their original receipts concerning travel. Speakers will be reimbursed after the event. The deadline for submitting the documentation concerning reimbursement is October 15th.

Funding for PhD students and postdocs

We have limited funding to cover accommodation for PhD students and postdocs. Registration for funding is currently closed. If you have applied for funding please make sure a letter of recommendation from your PhD advisor or current supervisor is sent to as soon as possible. The deadline for applications was May 31st. Applicants will be informed about the decision by June 15th.
If your application for funding is accepted, we will book your accommodation and pay for it directly. Rooms will be available from September 1st in the evening until September 14th in the morning. Please note that some of the rooms for PhD students and postdocs receiving funding will be shared with other participants.
We cannot guarantee that all applicants receive funding. We hope that the costs of traveling to and from Basel and your meals during the event can be covered by your home institution.

Day care

The University of Basel has a day care center with a limited number of slots reserved for small children (roughly 3 months to 5 years) accompanying participants of this summer school or conference. If you are in need of day care for a small child, please send an email to the organizers at as early as possible but no later than June 15th. We will let you know if a slot is available soon after. We can also partially cover the cost of day care for your child.

Hotels in Basel

For a list of hotels in the region please consult this PDF.

Scam warning

Be careful: there are companies that approach participants of scientific conferences and offer to organize travel and/or hotel reservations. This can be a scam. Please see this MPIM Bonn page for details. We, the organizers, will directly book hotel rooms for invited speakers and PhD students and postdocs who receive funding. Do not reply to any email from a private company that offers to make reservations for you in connection with this summer school or conference.