Myrto Myrto

Since September 2019, I am a postdoctoral assistant at the University of Basel in the research group of Pierre Le Boudec. During the academic year 2018-2019 I was a Boas Assistant Professor at Northwestern University working with Laura DeMarco. I got my PhD from the University of British Columbia UBC under the supervision of Dragos Ghioca.

My research interests include Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry and Arithmetic Dynamics. More spicifically, my primary motivation stems from a recuring phenomenon in Arithmetic geometry called `unlikely intersections' and the rich interplay between questions therein and the study of dynamical systems. This has led me to the study of height functions and arithmetic equidistribution theorems for Galois orbits of their `small points'.

Contact information:
Department of Mathematics
University of Basel
Spiegelgasse 1
Basel, 4051, Switzerland

Email Address : nikimyrto.mavraki at unibas dot ch



Collaborators: Laura DeMarco, Dragos Ghioca, Avinash Kulkarni, Khoa Nguyen, Hexi Ye

Teaching at the University of Basel

Past teaching (at Northwestern)

Past teaching (at UBC)